filler body


Privilege Body represents the synergy between an advanced production process, top quality raw materials and 10 ml format. Due to a specific molecule size, Privilege Body is safer and has less side effect (-35 %) compared to macromolecular body fillers. The treatment is particularly suitable for the correction of more extensive areas. Privilege fillers are innovative Caromed fillers and sterile medical devices, which are injectable, monophasic, apyrogenic, absorbable, based on round-linked acid derived from bacterial fermentation. Round-linked Hyaluronic Acid is an innovative cross-linked version: less cross-linked agent allows to get the best benefits of the long-lasting HA in the safest way. Privilege Body is 100% Made in Italy, they stand out for the high-quality raw materials and advanced production process, as well as their high plasticity and handling properties.

◦ High quality, round-linked hyaluronic acid

◦ Privilege Body is particularly suitable for the correction of more extensive area, restoring large volumes especially regarding gluteal augmentation, post-operative depression, congenital or acquired deformities, depressed scars, large, medium and small body imperfections.

◦ The pack contains 1 graduated pre-filled syringe of 10 ml. Also available Body Sculpt which contains 20 units x 17 g cannulas, specially designed for Privilege body.